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MantiumAI prompt-store

can do we have mantiumai prompt-store where meaningful prompt and prompt templates available anyone from the app.mantiumai can publish the prompt to mantiumai prompt-store the shared prompts or templates are moderate by mantiumai and the meaningfu...
Guest 6 months ago in New feature 0 Planned

Add a minimum output characters security policy

One thing I've noticed is that ada (in particular) will often return an empty string for a completion. There are no errors. For whatever reason, the AI simply doesn't have anything further to say. For the prompt we use for monitoring this happens ...
Rick Otten 7 months ago in New feature 0 Planned

Add a Unique Name for Deploy / Share Apps so they can uniquely identified in a Chrome Tab list

If i have several prompts open at the same time, and when I look at Chrome's Tab menu to try and find the Deployed Prompt I want to use, I noticed they all have the same name - they are set to "Mantium Deploy" which does not help me uniquely ident...
Jason Montgomery 8 months ago in New feature 0 Planned